Klankvorm #7


Klankvorm returns for its seventh edition which will take place at V2_ on the 26th of October. The program features two commissioned projects consisting of two new spatial audiovisual installations on which sound and visual artists will perform.


Vincent Koreman (Drvg Cvltvre)

performing on the Line AV installation by Macular

Daan Johan

performing on the Line AV installation by Macular

Ryan Teague (Type records) + Wolf Bittner + Lyndsey Housden

collaborating on the X installation

Klankvorm is supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Gemeente Rotterdam and V2_.

Entrance: 10 euro
Door: 20.00
V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam


Line-AV installation

The newly commissioned work Line-AV by Macular is an evolution of his original work Line. In the initial piece 32 speakers are addressed by using a single mono signal. By the use of custom build circuitry the wave signal is split up and divided so that different segments of the wave get played by different speakers in the system.

X installation

X is a performative installation by Lyndsey Housden (UK/NL), Wolf Bittner (AT/DE), and Ryan Teague (UK/IE) especially created for Klankvorm during short residency at V2 in October 2018. X is an audio-visual spatial environment based on the compositional principles of geometry, cycles and events. Working simultaneously with sound, space and projections, the elements are brought together via a flexible grid floating just above the audience. X was made possible thanks to a commission from Klankvorm at V2 who provided the possibility to spend a concentrated 5 day period together to experiment with and create a new work.


Vincent Koreman (NL, Drvg Cvltvre)

Vincent Koreman is a Dutch musician, producer and label owner, born in Dongen and currently living in Tilburg. He is founder of Angelmaker Records and Vatican Analog and co-founded the Incubate festival for which he was the artistic leader. He has various aliases of which Drvg Cvltvre and RA-X are two of the most well known ones. Vincent Koreman released music on labels as Bunker, Viewlexx, Pinkman, New York Haunted, Warp, Shipwrec, Rave Or Die amongst others.

Daan Johan (NL, Macular Collective)

Daan Johan is an artist who explores the technology from the past to create new instruments, often with a form of sculptural value and craftsmanship. Since 1997 Daan Johan has been exploring the guts of analog synthesizers, lab equipment, and hifi equipment to create unique and often unexplored forms of sound creation. He uses these techniques in his custom build mechanical and electronic installations and instruments for for which he makes electro acoustic compositions. Since ten years Daan Johan has been part of Macular. A collective that shares their interest and research on art, science, technology, and perception.

Ryan Teague (UK/IE, Type Records)

Ryan Teague is a composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist. His work combines acoustic instrumentation and arrangements with electronic synthesis and processing with a particular focus on innovative use of rhythm.

Wolf Bittner (AT/DE)

Wolf Bittner is a media artist and programmer currently based in Berlin, Germany. His projects often take the form of kinetic light installations, photographic prints, time-based works and audio-visual performances, in which ideas around the relation between human beings and technology as well as visual perception and representation form a conceptual framework.

Lyndsey Housden (UK/NL)

Lyndsey Housden is an artist based in Amsterdam, NL she creates architectural interventions for interaction and performance and audio-visual installations. She is currently developing health applications for installation art through collaborations with healthcare providers, dancers and programmers.