SHXCXCHCXSH is the mysterious duo from Sweden exploring the darker and more experimental realms of techno. SHXCXCHCXSH is labeled as one of the most unique projects in today’s electronic music, with releases appearing on Semantica, Subsist and Avian. In their live shows they blend elements of noise, glitch, drone, broken beat and heavy industrial into subtle and transcendent soundscapes. Klankvorm is proud to host the Dutch premiere of their collaboration with Portugese filmmaker Pedro Maia. Known for his exploration of analogue film, Maia expands the aesthetic and technological heritage of 16mm and 8mm material. For this collaboration Maia presents “Imperfect Film”, paying tribute to celluloid film – the main raw material used by cinema during its first century of existence – offering an exploration of both its qualities and limitations. Based on images collected in 16mm films, damaged by the passage of time, the experience of cinema is brought back to its essentials: light and movement.