Honzo & Nan Wang

Davide Carbone is known for his distorted, drony and hallucinatory techno. The Honzo project was born out of Carbone’s interest in human psychology (primary emotions like fear, anger, sadness) and desire to reveal the bipolarity of his musical expression. The performance is characterised by submerged futuristic breakbeats, haunting cinematic soundscapes and cutting edge modulations. Media artist, designer and filmmaker Nan Wang is based in Rotterdam. Her work is focused on the interplay between memories, identities and technology. For this collaboration, Nan Wang reimagines her work ‘Dust Poetry’, 7000 frames of dust and black and white analog 16mm footage of small plants and insects.

This project is a commissioned work by Klankvorm and made possible with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL and City of Rotterdam

video: Zahra Karimpour