14/06/2024 Cinerama Filmtheater, Rotterdam

Audiovisual Explorations at Cinerama

On Friday June 14th, Klankvorm presents a new edition of Audiovisual Explorations, a series of events delving deep into the synesthetic relationship between moving images and sound. For this event held at the iconic Cinerama in Rotterdam, Klankvorm invites artists from different backgrounds to collectively explore the audiovisual domain.

Cinerama Filmtheater
Westblaak 18, 3012 KL Rotterdam

Whilst screening the forefront of contemporary technology, Klankvorm explores the integration of technology into artistic expression. Resulting in a meticulously curated programme of artists, each with their unique approach to creating audiovisual landscapes. These landscapes, born from the manipulation of algorithms and rule sets, beckon viewers into a world where artificiality and electronica collide, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Within Cinerama’s classic cinema setting, this edition of Audiovisual Explorations features five artistic projects, including three live AV performances (of which two live AV premieres) and two (Dutch) film premieres.



Rainer Kohlberger – ‘Brainbows’ Live AV
Noise Diva & orah – Live AV
Jaap Drupsteen – Live AV


Clémentine Schmidt & Nanno Simonis – ‘Mnemonic Shore’
Acidic Male & Jelmer Noordeman – Klankvorm commissioned film

In addition to the performances and films in Cinerama 1, Thuraya Shi will serve a selection of obscure and experimental music in the Cinerama Foyer.

This event of Audiovisual Explorations is made possible with the support of Mondriaan Fonds.

Artwork by ST-DUO.