18/05/2018 V2_, Rotterdam (NL)

Klankvorm #5

Klankvorm returns in 2018 for a new season packed with exciting audio visual explorations. The fifth edition takes place on the 18th of May at V2_. The programme features two commissioned projects and a Dutch premiere.

Shapednoise + Lichun Tseng (IT/NL)
Florence To (UK) presents CYEMA
Boris Bunnik + Rene van Dijk (NL) present Scintillate

Klankvorm invites Shapednoise to create live sounds accompanying the 16mm projections by Lichun Tseng. Tseng’s projections are a journey of transformation in between lightness and darkness, reflected by a decomposing and recomposing natural landscape. Shapednoise uses field recordings, modular synthesizers and extensive digital processing to explore the metamorphosis of sounds when combining unusual timbres, structures, and rhythms.

The second commission is Scintillate, a new project by Boris Bunnik (aka Conforce, Severnaya, Versalife) and Rene van Dijk. Scintillate sees Bunnik utilising material from his recent ambient album Polar Skies released as Severnaya, which he combines with new and unreleased material. The album inspired visual artist Rene van Dijk to combine near-infrared footage and heavily manipulated cinematic compositions for an audio visual performance which aims to create an artificial experience of the moment when the sun is low and dimmed, between sunset and dusk, dawn and sunrise.

Sound and light designer Florence To will present her project CYEMA for the first time in the Netherlands at Klankvorm. CYEMA is an acoustic instrument of reconstructed iron rods, originally discovered in old clocks that produce a reverse-chord when struck. In the performance the instrument is bowed using different tensions to gradually augment intense reverberation, using finer digital modular manipulations to explore hidden vibrations within the highly resonant tones.

Venue: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam.

Klankvorm is supported by V2_, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Gemeente Rotterdam.