SVNSCRNS is a commissioning project that is initiated by Klankvorm after a concept by Joris Strijbos. The project consists of the realization of a kinetic audiovisual installation for which artists are invited to realize content. The installation can be used for live performances as well as for playing prearranged compositions.

The installation consists of seven rotating projection screens and speakers that can be controlled from a central point. Custom build software and hardware are accessible for artists from different backgrounds to experiment with this new dynamic field for audiovisual composition. Light, sound and movement come together with different forms of digital media to create a multi sensorial experience for the audience. In this way the project functions as a platform in which makers and creators of all kinds can collaboratively explore this kinetic audiovisual medium. The result is a slow moving robotic structure which can display different sorts of media but in it’s presence will have a strong influence on the experience of the spectator.

Invited artists that have been working on the SVNSCRNS installation are: Ilpo Väisänen & Heleen Blanken, Zeno van den Broek, Macular Collective and Rotor.

SVNSCRNS is produced by Klankvorm and made possible with the generous support of Creative Industries Fund, Mondriaan Fund, City of Rotterdam, Stichting Bevordering Volkskracht.

Concept: Joris Strijbos

Realization: Joris Strijbos, Eelco Ottenhof, Jeroen Molenaar, Daan Johan, Matthijs Munnik, Nicky Assmann, Maartje Faber.

Pictures: Pieter Kers